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About Drain Cleaning Leiden

Drain Cleaning Leiden was founded in 2002. From day 1 we have been helping people with clogs. Drain Cleaning Leiden performs its drain services for both individuals and companies. Meanwhile we have helped thousands of people with a clog!

It doesn’t matter which drain is blocked, we can help you with any clog. We fix blockages in the sewer, toilet, bathtub, shower drain, sink, rainwater drain & cistern. In addition, we can help you install or replace your sewer line.

We stand for reliability, transparency and professionalism. When you call on our help, you can be certain that we will unclog the blockage quickly and professionally. This we do for a fair price.

When we visit you, we first examine the problem. We look at where the blockage is located and how we can best fix it. Then we will give you an estimated price quote. Do you agree? Then we get to work immediately. We fix the clog and clean up afterwards!

Feel free to contact us to make an appointment. We solve all drain and sewer problems professionally. You can reach us at 085 019 12 25. We will come to you quickly to help you!

What Customers Say

Drain Cleaning Leiden was on site within half an hour after an emergency call. The toilets in several changing rooms were clogged. The problem was solved quickly and expertly with a high-pressure machine. We are satisfied with the pleasant service!


Drain Cleaning Leiden has already been our regular drain service for years with great satisfaction.


For us, it is important that clogs are solved quickly. This is always the case with Drain Cleaning Leiden.


To provide a good customer experience, we cannot use clogs. Drain Cleaning Leiden is the partner we can rely on.


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At your location, we examine the situation.



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